How to protect yourself and others. Together we can help to protect the most vulnerable and each other from the corona virus. Information in different languages.

June 17

Temporary local recommendations are introduced in Värmland

The spread of covid-19 is increasing in Värmland. Behind the increase is a more contagious virus variant and reduced compliance with the pandemic recommendations. - The situation is serious, therefore we introduce local recommendations in Värmland, says infection control doctor Ingemar Hallén. the number of confirmed cases doubled compared to the week before. The increase is clear among young people aged 13–19, but also among adults aged 40–60. Infection control Värmland has therefore decided to introduce temporary local recommendations that apply in Värmland from Friday 11 June to Sunday 27 June:

  • Cups and camps, including day camps and camps are set / paused. Exceptions can be made for extra vulnerable groups where activities can be carried out in infectious forms.

  • Individual matches and competitions are only conducted locally, which means primarily within the own municipality, secondarily in the neighboring municipality. Participants from other regions should avoid participating in matches and competitions in Värmland.

  • Training where the participants are mixed from different groups is avoided.

  • Rules for vaccinated local and household contacts are changed in the Värmland Region. Vaccinated = the person has received two doses, of which the second dose at least two weeks ago. For updated routines, see Infection Control Värmland's website. 

May 14

A health declaration must be completed before vaccination against covid-19.
It can be used digitally or printed out prior to the vaccination, by all regions. 

May 14

What you need to know about the vaccination against covid-19.

May 6
Why is it necessary to be vaccinated against covid-19? How does the vaccine work? What about the vaccination process? Here you find all the answers.

May 3
Information about vaccination against covid-19.


April 30
Videos in other languages about vaccination. 


April 26
Shop on your own!

Time to restock the fridge?
Remember to shop on your own.
And preferably when there aren’t many people around.
It’s everyone’s duty to take responsibility.
Find out more at or call 113 13.

Here are eight videos with information in different languages. 

We all have a responsibility to help stop the infection spreading. Thank you for doing your best. Find out more at


April 23
Information in 18 different languages from The Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folhälsomyndigheten) about the corona virus and vaccines. 


April 1
Videos from "Myndigheten för stöd till trossamfund", the swedish authority of religious community, about the importance of vaccination. There are 19 videos from different religious communities, in different languages. 


March 30


March 26
Videos about how to handle with fake news about the corona virus. The videos are in 11 different languages.


March 18
Vaccines can reduce the risk of falling seriously ill or dying of covid-19 

New information from the authority Public Health Agency of Sweden (Folhälsomyndigheten, FHM) about the corona virus and vaccines. On this website you will find seven new videos in more than 30 languages.

Here you can see one of the videos in English


February 26
If you have been offered a vaccination against covid-19, you might have some questions before agreeing to be vaccinated.

On  the Public Health Agency of Sweden´s website you will find publications in 16 different languages  that can guide you before, during and after the vaccination process.


Fabruary 22
Current information from about the corona virus in sign language and other languages.

Questions and answers about covid-19 vaccines and vaccination from Information in English. 


February 17
Information from about vaccination. The information is in 17 different languages. 


February 4:
On the Region of Värmlands website you will find answers to questions about the new corona virus in other languages.  You will also find a weblink to  with information about vaccination in many other laguages, for exampel in sign language. 


January 28:
Infectious diseases doctors’ information sheets. Information in different languages, from the Region of  Värmland. 

January 27:
If you are being vaccinated against covid-19

If you have been offered a vaccination against covid-19, you might have some questions before agreeing to be vaccinated. This information can guide you before, during and after the vaccination process.

Covid-19 is caused by a virus. Most people who catch covid-19 will only experience mild symptoms, but some people can become seriously ill and some may even die.

On The Public Health Agency of Sweden´s (Folkhälsomyndigheten) website you will find posters with information in 16 different languages. 

January 22: 
Recommendations for those travelling or who have travelled to Sweden from countries with new variants of the corona virus

Current information
You will find more current information from authorities about the corona virus in sign language and other languages at 


At these links you will find videos with useful information about the corona virus and covid-19 in various languages. The videos are from the Swedish authorithy County Administrative Board of Skåne. There is about ten different showcases/topics about corona, with videos in different languages. 
For exemple, you can find videos about: 

Radio Sweden, Sveriges Radio (SR)

At Radio Sweden you can find lots of information in various languages. 

  • QR Code to Radio SwedenRadio Sweden in English
    QR code to Radio Swedens coverage of  corona virus (English) 






  • QR Code to Radio SwedenQR code to Radio Swedens coverage of  corona virus (Arabic language)
رمز الاستجابة السريعة لتغطية إذاعة السويد
فيروس كورونا (اللغة العربية)

ramazu alaistijabat alsarieat litaghtiat 'iidhaeat alsuwid min fayrus kwrwna (allghat alearabia)


Important telephone numbers

Call 113 13, for general questions about coronavirus

Call 1177, for healthcare advice

Call 112, at life-threatening situations

Call 08-123 680 00, national phone line in other languages about coronavirus. Open between 9 and 12 am and 1 to 3 pm Monday to Friday. 

Call 010-831 80 10, Region Värmland´s phone line in other languages with general information about coronavirus. The telephone service is open between 10 and 12.